Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Art Deco Canyon Interiors

Last week I shared some images of the wonderful collection of art deco buildings that line the downtown streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I grew up in Tulsa Even though I have now lived in NW Arkansas longer than I lived in Tulsa, I am an Okie to the core and Tulsa will always be my hometown. This week I have some of images of the interiors of these great structures that were built by the oil barons of the 20's & 30's.
One of the great things about this period of art & architecture is that NO surface was immune to the designers touch. Here is an ornate mail box that adorns the lobby of one of the buildings.
Here is the entry corridor into the building. Notice the floor tile. Like I said, every surface was an opportunity for the designer to express themselves. The corridor leads to the main lobby below.
Talk about making a statement! Honestly, this lobby is not huge, but it makes a visual impact that just leaves  you speechless. Again, notice the ornate detail of the railing on the stairs and mezzanine.
Even elevator passengers were surrounded with art deco designs. I LOVE this stuff!!!
Elevator doors were a perfect canvas for exploring the geometric patterns that most of us have come to associate with the art deco style.
There is actually a collection of art deco accessories in these display windows. Some of the buildings featured gold leaf on the ceilings. One thing that oil barons seem to have in common is that no expense is spared when it comes to building architectural monuments to their business accomplishments.

Smoking was much more acceptable during this period and an elegant place to put your pipe, cigar, or cigarette was a necessity. These ash trays were designed to be placed next to a lounge chair. Again, no design opportunity was overlooked.
If you are ever in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you really need to spend a couple of hours downtown, looking at the great art deco design that  is a part of the history of my favorite city. Guided and self-guided tours are available.
Okay, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Have a blessed day with those you love celebrating all that we have to be thankful for, living in the greatest nation on earth. Then, come back Friday for the kick-off of my annual Christmas Music Marathon posts. Every day, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I will post an image of the season and music that will help you focus on the true meaning of Christmas. See you on Friday.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ruby Tuesday Too

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is still a couple of days away, but this is just a reminder that my annual Christmas Music Marathon begins Friday morning. For the past five years I have posted a Christmas thought and a seasonal music video every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, when you have your fill of Turkey and you've done all of your Black Friday shopping, stop by here to get a dose of the true meaning of Christmas .

And because that Hope did come down, we can now have Victory in Jesus. Have a blessed day and a Thankful week.

Friday, November 20, 2015

2015 Blog Blast for Peace

In the madness that this world has become, I completely let the Blog Blast for Peace slip past my calendar of events. So, with my Peace Globe in place, here is my thought for the year.
Peace is a matter of the heart. When the heart and soul are at peace, the person is at peace and as someone has said, "What consumes your mind will control your life." This planet is being consumed by hearts filled with bitterness, hate, prejudice and greed. Those who believe that forcing their will on others through war and terror will bring peace and make this planet a better place are sadly mistaken. Their hearts will never be truly satisfied. There will always be one more thing to conquer and still, satisfaction will not come. Again, it has been said, "The only One who can truly satisfy the human heart is the one who made it."

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Skywatch Friday

End of Day
I can only imagine that when the farmer turns the last corner on the gravel road and this view of his property comes into sight, he is well pleased. He says to himself, "It's been a good day." How often do any of us arrive at home, after spending the daylight hours at work, running errands, or doing other tasks that are necessary, can pull into our place of residence and say, "It's been a good day." More importantly, regardless of our circumstances, can bow our heads and tell our Creator, "It's been a good day." We are not promised fame, fortune, or an easy life in this world. We are promised by the God of all Creation that He will meet our needs. We are promised that He loves us and, if we belong to Him, He will be with us in all of our circumstances. We may have to endure some hardships and life may not be a bed of roses, but He is faithful and our reward is not here. Our reward is spending an eternity in a place that He has prepared for us. When we focus on our relationship with Christ and His divine will for our lives, we can come into the evening hours and say, "It's been a good day."

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inspiration Thursday

Autumn 2015

I LOVE Autumn. I love the changing colors of the leaves, cooler temperatures, and the great sunsets. Every year I make a few trips around town to find trees that are exploding with color and photograph a few examples. All of the images in these photos were found in our own church parking lot.

Not all of the colors are found on the trees. Just look down and you will find that splash of color among the decaying leaves and grass that is beginning to go dormant for the coming winter.
There are even bits of color left in some of the leaves that have already been kicked to the curb.

 Honestly though, the real color is still to be found in those leaves that are clinging to life and giving us a glorious display before falling to the ground.

If  you live in a part of this great nation that produces a beautiful display of autumn hues, get out there and take in the view. But don't just admire from a distance, walk up close and see just how wonderful this creation is.  Have a blessed week.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Art Deco Canyon

Art Deco Canyon 

I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At one time Tulsa was considered to be the oil capitol of the world. The result was that during the mid 1920's through the late 1940's the oil barons built an impressive collection of art deco buildings.  A blogging friend recently dubbed this area of downtown the "Art Deco Canyon" and I think it is the perfect description. When ever my wife and I return to Tulsa, I LOVE going downtown and photographing some of the most beautiful buildings in this part of the country. Recently, my 50 year high school reunion was held in downtown Tulsa, so we spent part of one afternoon walking around the area. My wife and I both worked downtown and met on the metropolitan bus, but that's another story for another day. Here are but a few examples of the exteriors. Next week, we will take a look at some of the interiors and details. I could spend a week in a nine square block area and never get bored of making images.
If you plan to visit Tulsa, there is a tunnel tour that is really cool. That's right several of these buildings are connected by underground tunnels. Many workers still use them to get around when the weather turns bad. Have a blessed Day.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ruby Tuesday Too

Hanging On
 The last leaves of autumn are hanging on for dear life. This past week wind gusts have exceeded 45 mph and the temperatures have dipped near freezing. Even the most hardy trees will soon release their leaves and settle in for a long winter nap. I managed to capture a couple of final images of the Fall of 2015. Have a blessed week.